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Tickets on sale from Ticket Source from 1st November 2016  

Performances run
from Sunday, 8th January 2017
to Saturday, 14th January 2017
at Frodsham Community Centre


Booking forms are available from Frodsham Community Centre


Frodsham Panto Group - A Message from your Chairman

Hi All,

So who will be looking after our 2017 Panto and 'what will the Panto be ?' I hear you ask.

Our new Director and Choreographer will be 'in-house' Panto members, so there will be no need to explain their credentials to most of you:

Our Director will be Louise Evans; Our Choreographer will be Lorna McAvoy. It will be the first Mother and Daughter team we have used, so that is a first.

Our new Musical Director will be less familiar to you,  Naomi Anstice. Naomi has been Head of Music at Manor House Primary School for a number of years. She has a great deal of experience of musical shows and her choirs have performed at a variety of local events. She may be new but she is packed with potential.

Our new Panto will be "Puss in Boots". The script has been written by Lorraine Mason and we will be producing this script by arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts in January, 2017.

Our Panto rehearsals are now well under way. The Production Team of Louise Evans (Director), Naomi Anstice (Musical Director), Lorna McAvoy (Choreographer) and Jenny Howard (Stage Manager) are all beavering away in their own specific disciplines.

Our new Principals are settling to the task and, despite the loss of some of our more seasoned performers, there is an air of anticipation amongst the participants. It is also extremely laudable that some of our Principals already know their parts and are now working without scripts. I am looking forward to the humorous elements of the script and also the “slapstick “ scene.

With a Cast of over 50, our performances are going to be very energetic and the stage movement is going to be electric. The influx of a number of  "Dance School Members" has greatly improved the choreography, leading to more stimulating dance routines and the large Chorus body are going to make the Hall reverberate with ecstatic harmonies.

PUSS in BOOTS is going to be a Show to remember.

Just in case you are curious with regards to the story. Here is a "little taster"……………

Over in The Great Red Castle lives a very ferocious ogre called "Olaf" who frightens everyone nearby, and when he steals a magic wand from "Fairy Poppins" everyone is very fearful; even though he doesn’t know the magic words which will give him the power to use against them!

Hickory, Dickory and Jack are three brothers who live nearby and fear that he will force them out of their home eventually, as he has already taken over most of the land nearby, all except the Mill in which they live.

The only magic the Fairy has is a small bottle of a potion which would give them the power of speech, when given to somebody brave enough to use it.

Let us see what happens. Who will be so brave?


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